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A mortgage commitment letter is a document that your mortgage lender prepares after approving your home loan application. It informs you and the home sellers that you have a loan and can close on.

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A "loan commitment letter" means that not only has the applicant preapproved, an underwriter has reviewed the application and the letter will include all conditions to the loan approval. The lender is committing to lend to the borrower per the terms stated in the commitment letter.

The commitment will expire when the oldest document expires. lenders keep commitments current by refreshing documentation every 90 to 120 days. It’s the borrower’s responsibility to ensure they stay approved (I.E. Don’t rack up a bunch of credit or do anything to damage your credit or get fired from your job, etc) until the sale is final.

There is often confusion regarding the difference between a pre-qualification letter and mortgage commitment letter. The two letters, although they sound similar, are completely different. If you are in need of a mortgage commitment letter, yet show up with your pre-qualification letter, you will not be able to secure the house that you want.

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The biggest difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification, at least from a lender’s point of view, is validating information with documents as opposed to just getting verbal information. From a borrower’s point of view, the difference is the leverage that pre-approval gives you when it comes to purchasing a home.

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