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Information for Buyers. Sellers have several ways to deal with multiple offers. Sellers can accept the "best" offer; they can inform all potential purchasers that other offers are "on the table"; they can "counter" one offer while putting the other offers to the side awaiting a decision on the counter-offer; or they can "counter" one offer and reject the others.

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Before we get into how to handle multiple offers, let’s first discuss how you can increase the odds of actually getting them. One of the best ways of getting multiple offers in a strong seller’s market is to defer your showings for a short period. Deferring showings works like this – you list your home on a Monday or a Tuesday into the multiple listing service, but you don’t let anyone into your home until the weekend.

When there are multiple offers, the seller typically takes one of three actions: Accepts the most favorable offer. counters all offers to give everyone a chance to come back with a better bid in an effort to get the best price and terms. Counters the offer closest to the price and terms the seller’s seeking.

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Sellers may choose not to work any of the offers in order to see if they can get a better deal. In such a situation, it is best to reject all offers and invite the potential buyers to resubmit with their best offers. It is permissible to tell the buyers’ agent multiple offers were received, and all were rejected with an invitation to resubmit.

Hi, this is attorney Barry Miller with The Closing Agent. With the heated up Real Estate market today we are finding the buyers are getting multiple offers. Here’s the scenario. The buy puts and.

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