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HUD received 1,923 comments on the ANPR, and the comments have been considered during the drafting of this new rule. Some commenters wrote in support of disparate impact liability more broadly, citing the important part it has played in monitoring exclusionary housing practices for at least 30.

HUD’s New fha condo rules posted . The U.S. Department of Housing and urban development (hud) releases new rules on FHA-insured condo financing. The new rules allow more buyers to obtain low down-payment mortgages on affordable housing options. The new rules will:

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In a press release announcing the cpd equal access rule, HUD noted: HUD's new rule will require a recipient, subrecipient, or provider to.

 · In its proposal, HUD said that many commentators wanted these algorithms to be provided with a "safe harbor," under the amended rule. HUD explained that while the disparate impact rule provided an.

But a new report from New York University’s Furman Center estimates the effects of the SAFMR rule on the 24 metro areas where the rule will be implemented-and contradicts the conclusion from.

with smoking and ongoing efforts from HUD to promote the voluntary adoption of smoke-free policies by PHAs and the owners/operators of federally subsidized multifamily properties. The preamble of this proposed rule contains more information on HUD’s efforts and the findings on which HUD relied in proposing this regulation.

 · Proposed changes to hud disparate impact rule would create new burden-shifting framework to reflect Inclusive Communities. By Richard J. Andreano, Jr. & Christopher J. Willis on August 5, 2019. Posted in CFPB Monitor, Federal CFS Monitor, HUD, Mortgages.

The analysis went on to suggest "less costly" alternatives to limit the "adverse impact of the transition on eligible children," such as grandfathering in current mixed-status families and only.

But in the August 19 Federal Register, HUD proposed a new rule that would expand the disparate impact rule into a five-step.

HUD REAC New Rules and the Non-Industry Standard Repairs Webinar, Part I of II, April 30, 2019 In a new rule posted online on Wednesday, HUD said it wants to give the shelters it funds flexibility in devising their own policies for admissions.

But while HUD labeled the new rules as merely “informal guidance” intended to bring more clarity, a group of Utah-based Native Americans took issue with the mandate, which claimed that the rules.

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