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Most of the robo-signers who’ve lately been in the news have been employees at mortgage servicers, but that’s not always the case. Often servicers outsource some work to foreclosure document companies such as LPS. And those companies have also been accused of using robo-signers.

 · chase bank accused of Robo-Signing Credit Card Collections.. Robo-signing exploded onto the news during the housing crisis when banks were accused of automatically signing default papers without properly reviewing them. Now, the robo-signing controversy is spilling over to another financial product-credit cards.

based company accused of improper conduct. resolves allegations that the company “robo-signed” documents and engaged in other improper conduct, officials said. “The practice of robo-signing’.

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Problem Solver Susan Hogan reveals that Lender Processing Services is accused of engaging in robo-signing.. Show more Show less. Comments are disabled for this video. Advertisement

Robo-Signers: Will Their Actions Have Serious Legal Consequences, and, If So, For. puter service was nothing more than a provider of an interactive computer service on., LLC, the court found that the Defendant was an.

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Robo-Signer: An employee of a mortgage servicing company that signs foreclosure documents without reviewing them. Rather than actually reviewing the individual details of each case, robo-signers.

 · The company is accused of signing thousands of debt-collection documents without verifying their accuracy.. and since 2008 it has filed more than.

This is common sense: If you accuse someone of stealing your car, you have to establish that you. Now, it was more like a "sweat shop.".. "Robo-signers" who signed thousands of documents with no understanding of their.

A California property title officer pleaded not guilty Wednesday to more than 600 charges alleging she directed a “robo-signing” scheme involving. Sheppard and Trafford are accused of directing.