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The Sump Pump is the Wrong Size If you have an incorrectly sized pump, or if the pump is not installed properly, there will most likely be a problem. A small sump pump is often just as effective.

(CNN)A leak at the Indian Point nuclear facility in New York. according to Entergy spokesman Jerry Nappi. An "out-of-service" sump pump caused the contaminated water to overflow a containment drain.

Once the sump is filled to high enough level it will run the pump until the water level is at a low enough level. In other words the ON level switch is much higher than the OFF level switch. Nov 02, 2009 | Flotec Simer//Omni 2957 Submersible Sump.

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I have the sump pump going 24/7 and I still have a foot of water down here. 8:30 p.m. Monday. The North Nashua River in Fitchburg reached as high as 8.02 feet at 5 a.m. Monday, more than the flood.

Simer 5 Submersible Sump Pump. For professional water removal. Always there where no sump is nearby. Description. The Simer 5 is a robust utility pump for draining cellars, flat roofs, tennis courts or swimming pools. It can also be used to remove wastewater from building works such as core-hole drilling and concrete cutting.

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Continuous Duty Automatic Submersible Sump Pump. Ideal for high volume water removal. 3/4 HP Energy-Efficient PSC motor. Provides plenty of power and quiet operation. Heavy-Duty Cast iron construction. rugged design provides longer pump life. Piggyback Vertical Float Switch. Provides reliable, automatic operation and provides easy service.

Best battery backup sump pumps. The number one reason a sump pump fails is lack of electricity. The worst case scenario is if the primary pump fails during heavy rain or flooding when you are away from home. The best sump pump system consists of a battery-powered backup sump pump installed in parallel to your primary pump.